Systems out of Balance
How Misinformation Hurts the Middle Class

Between the relative economic stability of the sixties and our troubled times now, the American Dream has become more Dream than American. Our economy is based on greed instead of merit. Our political system eschews wisdom for authoritarianism. Our cultural system promotes idolatry over harmony. We, the middle class, could blame this shift on recent events, but the reality is that the corruption of our economic, political, and cultural systems is far more insidious and deeply ingrained than we are led to believe. These trusted systems have become unbalanced.

We have been active—if not conscious—participants of this decline, and we must now wake up. If the Iraq War and the market crisis of 2008 taught us nothing else, we must learn the importance of recognizing when we are being misinformed. We must learn to think critically, sifting through the information that bombards us daily and separating fact from misinformation.

Kirk D. Sinclair, PhD, approaches these complex and initially overwhelming concepts with the clear and thoughtful mind of a scientist. He scrutinizes, untangles, and exposes the issues, banishing doublespeak designed to make us complicit and encouraging us to step up and take responsibility for the systems that so dominate our lives. With this collection of intelligent, comprehensive essays, Sinclair has broken down the problems many of us did not even know we had. Systems Out of Balance: How Misinformation Hurts the Middle Class will arm you with valuable knowledge and an increased understanding of our social systems, how they affect our lives, and what you can do to restore balance. The time to truly exercise our liberty is now.

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